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River Day Wheat

American Wheat Ale with Amarillo, Lemondrop, & Barbe Rouge hops

Loungin’ on the river beer-in-hand is the picture of summertime. Is that picture you on a Unicorn tube floating around, or laying out in the sun on the river’s edge, or maybe tending the grill while the sun twinkles on the water? Does it matter which? Take us away to any of ’em!

River Day Wheat is our 4.7% American Wheat Ale that’s just right for you and your crew as you float along on an easy-drinking body and a little citrus and berry sunshine from Amarillo, Lemondrop, and Barbe Rouge hops. That nice low ABV and dry finish allows the fun to carry on whether the sun is full and high or if the vibes are more “moon’s out tunes out.” Not much else to do but kick back and relax!