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Heading to Tettnang: Harvest, origin, and celebration

Ken and I (Jay) are off to the Tettnang for the hop harvest, and we are stoked! We’ve been talking about doing this trip for the harvest in Tettnang for a few years and things have finally aligned! Our friends and suppliers at BayWa work with a bunch of small farmers and are hosting us in the smallest and southernmost of the Noble Hop regions located in southwestern Germany, an area bordered by the Lake of Constance, Switzerland, Austria, and The Alps. On this trip we will be touring the Tettnanger Noble hop fields, meeting growers and farmers, witnessing harvesting and early production, while communing with new and old friends over beers. As some may know, the Tettnang hop features prominently in a bunch of our beers and most notably in Bingo Lager, so this trip brings that and other Bingo origins full circle! We’re excited to share them in this adventure with y’all.

Cheers/ prost!