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Kolsch-Style Ale

Like any local you run into at a cool restaurant in Cologne, Rheinhaus Kolsch is an easy going yet boisterous character that will leave you saying, “Haha…Germans…” Brewed with a blend of Cologne brewer’s malt, European pilsner malt and a non-traditional small percentage of wheat malt, this classic Kolsch-style (which, did we mention, hails from Cologne) drinks with German efficiency and a surprisingly thought-provoking body. It has a light grainy, bready malt character that creates a sudden craving for a traditional bratwurst. Surprising you with its light complexity, Rheinhaus carries a restrained and balancing bitterness with a moderate floral and spice character, derived from Spalt Select hops and the ale yeasts’s slightly fruity esters. More than just making small talk with some yocal, its juxtaposition between introspective intellect and modern progressiveness will leave you breathlessly delighted. …Wow..Germans…