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Before Times

West Coast Style IPA

Before Time and Space, before seltzers and the haze craze, there was one: The West Coast- style IPA. The chokehold these Pine bombs had on elder millennials and Gen-X was a strong one. Before Times’ proper blend of Chinook, Amarillo, Simcoe, and Centennial hops will have you daydreaming of hiking through NorCal’s great green, dewy forests where a care simply doesn’t exist. The only haze you’ll catch here will be reminiscent of that West Coast endo aroma with a touch of tangerine and pineapple skin. At 7%, this IPA is medium-bodied, but we made sure to can some of that light-headedness from hiking in the fresh air, or…from doing other things you would do while in Californ-I-A.